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Glass Buildings

Why Us?

Our level of service is best explained by those who have experienced our support! 

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Leah Bowers, Chief of Staff

Bring a Trailer Media 

Michele and Janel position themselves as partners in a natural and authentic way. I always felt like my company's needs were protected under their guidance and that I was a top priority.

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Thom Scher, CEO

Beyond Type 1

Michele's diligence, reliability, and work ethic helped to stabilize our business operations and allowed us to thrive as a company just getting started.

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Lindsay Hershberger,

Chief People Officer

Blue Matter Consulting

Janel has been an invaluable and trusted HR resource for years. She always understands the nuance of a situation. I have relied on her heavily on a myriad of HR topics.

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Stephanie Teo, HR Manager

Formally of VIPshop

 Michele  is a very authentic partner who was always willing to jump into any challenging situation we were in. Her knowledge and expertise in all aspects of HR was an invaluable asset. 

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Gemma King, HR Manager

Golden State Dermatology

Janel is thoughtful, responsive and super knowledgeable about HR. She is a great listener. She is definitely a "star" and a great person to have as part of your team.

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Marie Minder, HR Consultant


I have worked with Michele for more than 5 years. She provides excellent advice that is pertinent to your business and not simply generic information. She is truly a trusted advisor.

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