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Who is an EarlyHR client?

So just who is an EarlyHR client?

Our clients are typically in early to growth stage and know that they need the right strategy and infrastructure to grow and potentially scale.

Our clients care about their employees and want to ensure that they have competitive pay, attractive benefits, fair practices, a positive culture, and attention to training and professional development to attract and retain great employees.

Our clients often do not know what they do not know, and are aware that this is an organizational weakness and risk. They partner with us to keep them on the right track with compliance and sticky situations that inevitably crop up when working with people.

Our clients range in size from just 18 to over 300 employees and our sweet spot is organizations with 5 to 500 employees.

55% of our clients we work directly with their C level team.

45% have small HR teams that are leveraged to the max, and we partner with them to ensure they have the support that they need by taking some of the work-load off their plates and providing senior level HR guidance.

Our clients know that hiring us saves them money because the cost of hiring high-level HR talent is steep, and outsourcing their HR needs and partnering with us is a sound strategy during their early stages.

If you would like to explore what working with us would look like for your organization, please reach out!

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