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Inspiration behind EarlyHR

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Resigning from a secure leadership role during a pandemic would not be considered one of my smarter moves. But, while 2020 and COVID-19 has been incredibly challenging, it has given me the time and space to be more introspective about my industry, my talents, and about where I get the greatest joy.

This past year, after a company acquisition, it became clear that my passion for creating customized HR solutions for small and growing companies wasn’t a great fit with the new company where understandably, standardization and process discipline was the expectation. Because I am passionate about creating personalized customer experiences that look more like partnerships, this was truly challenging. I was left with the difficult decision to either lead my team without authenticity and excitement or take a more unconventional step and follow my professional heart. I think you know which path I chose!

Very shortly after, it had come to my attention that a respected member of my team had also resigned for many of the same reasons. With the shared passion for personalization of customer services, our collective strengths in our industry and mutual ambitions, we knew a partnership to build something extraordinary was fated. I am beyond delighted to share that Janel Yessian, the “yin” to my “yang” for the past six years, is my new business partner and Co-founder of EarlyHR Solutions.

We are now in the exciting phase of creating a personalized and highly engaged offering of HR solutions, that early-stage leaders both need and want. And so, with a great deal of cheerleading from our biggest fans (our wonderful families), and a large dose of optimism, we are introducing EarlyHR Solutions.

My friends will attest that I am not a Facebooker, because “putting myself out there” is not something I normally do….but in true entrepreneurial spirit, you will be hearing much more from us. We look forward to being the providers of the “what” that early-stage companies so desperately need. I am so excited about the future of EarlyHR, and look forward to sharing the journey with you.

My next blog post will be focused on “What makes us different”.

Until next time! Michele

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