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Your company, your choice.

Working with over 100 early-stage and growth-stage companies over the past six years, our experiences have defined clear, distinct HR practices and services that work.  While some of the “nuts and bolts” of HR are universal, we know that many needs of early-stage and growth-stage organizations are in fact, quite different from a traditional “small business”.  We believe that a different approach is what early-stage leaders both want, and more importantly, desperately need, and is the impetus and inspiration for EarlyHR Solutions.

It comes down to a few basic principles:

Choice.  We know you want to work with people, technology, and processes that work for YOU, not for us.   We are payroll, HRIS, and broker flexible, although we do have some favorites we are happy to suggest.

Partnerships.  When your team is lean, you need trusted partners who care about your business and your success and treat you like a partner who is looking out for your best interests.

Personalization.   Cookie-cutter approaches don’t work with people-centric strategies, goals, and issues.  We will partner with you to learn your organization and work with you to strategically plan for future growth and solve pain points that may be unique to your business.

Service.  To us, service means showing up proactively, always. Whether it is relating to employee relations, guidance for HRIS systems, recruitment, compliance, or other HR related services, we are here to help. Candid responses and real service requires listening, a true understanding of the company's positions, and providing meaningful (sometimes hard) feedback.

Knowledge. Your business is your baby.  We know what is at stake and HR should not be entrusted to rookies. We bring decades of knowledge to our practices and conversations. We are passionate about industry relevance and technology trends for the promotion of your business growth.

Transparency.  We know what we are good at and we know when additional resources are required.  We have trusted partners that we refer so you'll get the best of the best for what you need when you need it.  We won’t try to sell you something that is not a great fit.  Our goal is a true, long-term partnership.

If you value choice, partnerships, personalization, service, knowledge, and transparency, reach out.   We would love to talk about how we can partner together!

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